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WATER LILY (WL)-broad, flat petals, COLARETTE (COL)- open centered flower with one row of petals and a row of petaloids, SINGLE (S)-Open centered with one row of petals, ORCHID (O)-Open center, one row of petals which are rolled or tube like. NOVELTY (N) MIGNON SINGLE (MS) STELLAR (ST)  SOLD OUT

AC GOLDEN NICKLES (ST) Super yellow stellar. Love it $5.00 - SOLD OUT

ALLOWAY CANDY (ST) A terrific pink stellar, that wins big. #1 in it's class $5.50

BRUSHSTROKES (WL) Beautiful 5” blooms of lavender with a rose undertone. A big winner at the shows.  SOLD OUT

BUMBLE RUMBLE (COL) Pretty blend of purple and white. Makes a lot of long stem flowers. Good cutflower. $5.50  - SOLD OUT

HOLLYHILL BLACK WIDOW (WL) Awesome black red waterlily. One of my favorites $14.00

HOLLYHILL GLORIA (S) Beautiful light blend of lavender and yellow. Superb cutflower. $6.50

KORB’S RIVERBEND JEAN (ST) Beautiful white stellar, great cutflower. $6.50

MARIE SCHNUGG (O)-Red with excellent form. Big winner. $5.00  SOLD OUT

MORAY SUSAN (WL)   A deep blend of red and yellow. Wins and is also a very good cutflfower. $5.00  SOLD OUT

NICHOLAS (WL) Great cutflower orange and a winner at the shows. -$6.00

NTAC SOLAR FLARE (COL) A striking blen of yellow with red petals on the inside. #1 in it's class $3.50

PAM HOWDEN (WL) Beautiful combination of yellow orange and deep pink. Huge winner and good cutter.   $15.00 - SOLD OUT

PINK PET (SC) One of the few deep pink stellars, A very good cut flower   SOLD OUT
PRIMROSE PET   (Stellar)    The best yellow stellar we grow . Excellent cutflower.  $6.50  SOLD OUT

R MONA  (WL)  Superb waterlily red that is great for show and cutflower. $10.00  Limit 1  - SOLD OUT

RED LABYRINTH (NOV)  A sister of Labyrinth and just as exotic with the same form except in red . Love it-12.00   - SOLD OUT

SANDIA SHOMEI (WL) One of my favorite waterlilly’s, pretty lavender with a touch of white deep in the center.  SOLD OUT

VALLEY PORCUPINE (NX) One of my favorite, light blend of pink and white. Makes lots of flowers about 3” across. Big winner and great cutflower. $12.00  - SOLD OUT

VERRONE’S DF (Stellar) Deep pink that folds back nicely, wins and cuts great.  $7.00  SOLD OUT

WILDWOOD MARIE (WL)-Outstanding deep pink. True water lily form. One of the best. $12.00 

YELNO HARMONY WL  6”  peach waterlily. Great color  $6.00   SOLD OUT

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