WATER LILY (WL)-broad, flat petals, COLARETTE (COL)- open centered flower with one row of petals and a row of petaloids, SINGLE (S)-Open centered with one row of petals, ORCHID (O)-Open center, one row of petals which are rolled or tube like. NOVELTY (N) MIGNON SINGLE (MS) STELLAR (ST)  SOLD OUT

AC GOLDEN NICKLES (ST) Super yellow stellar. Love it $5.00

ALLOWAY CANDY (ST) A terrific pink stellar, that wins big. #1 in it's class $5.00

BRUSHSTROKES (WL) Beautiful 5” blooms of lavender with a rose undertone. A big winner at the shows.  SOLD OUT

BUMBLE RUMBLE (COL) Pretty blend of purple and white. Makes a lot of long stem flowers. Good cutflower. $5.00 SOLD OUT

DANDIE TRISH (Orchid) Striking combination of yellow and red. #1 in its class and a great cutflower. $ 3.50

HOLLYHILL BLACK WIDOW (WL) Awesome black red waterlily. One of my favorites $14.00

HOLLYHILL GLORIA (S) Beautiful light blend of lavender and yellow. Superb cutflower. $4.50

KORB’S RIVERBEND JEAN (ST) Beautiful white stellar, great cutflower. $4.50

LAKEVIEW PEACH FUZZ (NX) Light blend of peachy pink and yellow. Makes a load of flowers and also wins. $4.00 SOLD OUT

MARIE SCHNUGG (O)-Red with excellent form. Big winner. $5.00  SOLD OUT

MORAY SUSAN (WL)   A deep blend of red and yellow. Wins and is also a very good cutflfower. $5.00  SOLD OUT

NICHOLAS (WL) Great cutflower orange and a winner at the shows. -$6.00

NTAC SOLAR FLARE (COL) A striking blen of yellow with red petals on the inside. #1 in it's class $3.50

PAM HOWDEN (WL) Beautiful combination of yellow orange and deep pink. Huge winner and good cutter.  SOLD OUT

PINK PET (SC) One of the few deep pink stellars, A very good cut flower   SOLD OUT
PRIMROSE PET   (Stellar)    The best yellow stellar we grow . Excellent cutflower.  $6.50  SOLD OUT

R MONA  (WL)  Superb waterlily red that is great for show and cutflower. $6.00   SOLD OUT

RED LABYRINTH (NOV)  A sister of Labyrinth and just as exotic with the same form except in red . Love it-12.00  

SANDIA SHOWBOAT (WL) Very pretty light yellow that produces a lot of  flowers SOLD OUT

SANDIA SHOMEI (WL) One of my favorite waterlilly’s, pretty lavender with a touch of white deep in the center.  SOLD OUT

TARATAHI GLO (WL) A winner in a beautiful shade of orange and yellow. A great cut flower  SOLD OUT


VALLEY PORCUPINE (NX) One of my favorite, light blend of pink and white. Makes lots of flowers about 3” across. Big winner and great cutflower. $7.00 SOLD OUT

VERRONE’S DF (Stellar) Deep pink that folds back nicely, wins and cuts great.  $7.00  SOLD OUT

WILDWOOD MARIE (WL)-Outstanding deep pink. True water lily form. One of the best. $8.50  SOLD OUT

YELNO HARMONY WL  6”  peach waterlily. Great color  $6.00   SOLD OUT