(Fietz ’12) (485) 75 days (Blue Symphony Open)

Our First introduction from our close friend in New York Mr. Bob Fietz. Ruffled medium blue that deepens toward the edges of the petals with a white throat blotch accented by blue blush marks. Opens 8 in formal placement with 23 buds on a 28” flowerhead. Has won numerous best seedling awards including last year at the central New York show. Also best vase at central New York early show. Very healthy and a fabulous cutflower. L or M 2.50
(Kollasch’12) (143) 65 days (Whisker’s seedling X Snowflake)

We are thrilled to have our first introduction from Dave Kollasch. Dave has developed some great miniatures over the last six years. His 100 size introductions are his specialty. I think Cutie is his finest 100 size he has introduced, I rated it over 95 in the All-American trial garden. Cutie is a very pretty medium pink on the outer petals that blends into a creamy white throat blotch. - SOLD OUT
Crazy Eight
(Hartline ’12) (211) 80 days (Cool White X Boy O’ Boy)

Crazy Eight is aptly named, it has 8 petals instead of the normal 6. Still has the normal three part of stigma and three stamens, not petaloids. A heavy ruffled cream with light yellow lip petals. Opens 8 heavy substanced florets with 22 buds on a 25” flowerhead. This one could become a very valuable tool for hybridizers. L or M $4.00
Day Break
(Hartline “12) (312) 79 days (American Dream X Boy O’ Boy)

Extremely heavily ruffled light yellow that opens 8 in formal placement with 22 buds on a 23” flowerhead. I have never seen ruffling this intense and substance like wax. A superb cutflower.
L or M $4.00
Pride and Joy
(Hartline’12) (373) 80 days (Showstopper X Gold Fever)

A 2012 All-America selection that scored the second highest in the trial gardens. Pretty light lavender outer petals and a lavender picotee on the yellow lip petals. Opens 8-9 lightly ruffled florets in formal placement on a 26-27” flowerhead. Great color and a super cutflower. L-$5.00 M-4.50 
Sweet Success
(Hartline’12) (367) 80 days (American Dream X Lavender Masterpiece)

A 2012 All-America selection with the highest score in the 2011 trial garden. Stunning deep rose with lavender highlights with white on the lower petals and a rose picotee on the lip. Opens 8 ruffled florets with 23 buds on a 26-27” flowerhead. Love the color.
L or M $3.00
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