(Hartline’2011)(363) 86 days (Bryanne Nicole X Hot Pink)
Heavily ruffled light rose on the outer petals with deeper rose marked lip petals and deeper rose irregular markings on the other petals. Opens 9 in formal placement with 23 buds on a 27” flowerhead. Absolutely beautiful. SOLD OUT
Fair Maiden
(Hartline’2011)(214) 82 days (American Dream X 02-906)
Heavily ruffled, heavy substance medium yellow. Opens 7-8 with 20 buds on a 20-22” flowerhead. Very healthy and a super cutflower. Florists love it. L-$3.00 M-$2.50
Forever Yours
(Hartline’2011)(415) 83 days (02-906 X Boy O’ Boy)
All America Selection for 2011
Extremely ruffled medium yellow with deep yellow lip petals. Absolutely stunning. Opens 9-11 in formal placement with 23-34 buds on a 27” flowerhead. Extremely healthy and a very good propagator. Can win at the shows and a tremendous cutflower. One of the prettiest yellows I have ever seen. SOLD OUT
Soft Touch
(Hartline’2011) (315) 80 days (02-906 X Bryanne Nicole)
Lightly ruffled medium yellow with a contrasting rose feathering in the throat. Opens 8 in formal placement with 24 buds on a 38” flower head. Has what it takes to win at the shows and a very healthy cut flower. SOLD OUT
Sweet Caroline
(Hartline’2011) (243) 77 days (American Dream X Hot Pink)
Ruffled medium pink with white lip petals. Opens and holds up to 14 florets in formal placement with 21 buds on a 22” flowerhead. Extremely healthy and a runaway propagator, florists love it. The only glad I know that will hold that many open. A great tool for hybridizing. SOLD OUT
Gold Fever
(Hartline’2011)(416) 80 days
The parent of three of Cliff’s introductions this year. A sparkling deep yellow that’s the deepest I have seen. Opens 7-8 lightly ruffled florets in good placement with 21 buds on a 26-27” flowerhead. A superb cutflower. L or M-$2.50
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