Miniature Dahlias- up to 4" in diameter

FD- Formal decorative (flat petals, often recurve to stem); ID - Informal decorative (wavy petals) I C - Cactus (petals rolled like quills); SC - Semi-cactus (petals broad at base, rolled or twisted toward tips); WL - Water lily (broad, flat petals); IC - Incurved cactus (tips curve toward center)


AMOROUS (M) (FD) Striking combination of orange, sprayed with spots of red. Great cut flower that can also win at the shows $4.50

ARENAS SUNSET (M) (LC) Light blend of yellow and orange. Good cutflower that also wins at the shows   $4.00 

BARBARRY DREAM (M) (FD) Dark red miniature that makes loads of flowers. $3.00  SOLD OUT

BERNADETTE CASTRO (M)  (FD) Very pretty light pink. Great cutter  SOLD OUT

BLIZZARD (M)(FD) (R. Adams Jr. 05) A blizzard of pure white 3 blooms cover each plant. Nicely formed flowers recurve perfectly back to the long strong stems. Has show potential and is our best cutflower white. A tremendous tuber maker. $3.50

BRISTOL CANARY (M) (FD)  Nicely formed dark yellow. Good cutter  $4.00

BRANDON JAMES (M) Very pretty orange with white tips. $3.00

BRISTOL SPARTAN (M)(FD) Dark red mini that wins a little and one of our best red cutflowers. $4.50

BRISTOL TANGERINE (M) (FD)-  Miniature orange with great form. Good cutflower SOLD OUT

BROOKSIDE J. COOLEY (ID) Attractive yellow. Outstanding  for show $4.50

CAMANO BUZ (M) (FD) One of the best deep orange cutflowers, loads of flowers and long strong stems, love it, $4.00

CECIL (M) F.D.) Beautiful blend of lavender and pink. Superb cutflower. $4.00

CHECKERS (FD) A standout in the garden. 4 blooms of burgundy red petals tipped in white. If you like bi-colors you must have this one. One of my favorites. $4.00

CHIMACUM NADJAE (M) (FD) Miniature deep pink. A big winner at the shows and very good cutflower. $7.00

CLEARVIEW ARLA (M) (SC) Pretty semi cactus. Lavender nice cutter. SOLD OUT

DELTA CLARET (M) (FD) 4014 Pretty combination of red with silver lining, extra long stems and a lot of flowers. $3.00

EVENING LADY (FD) Bright currant red with fine exhibition form. Nice stems Prolific blooms. $4.00

FIDALGO BLACKIE (M) (FD) Nicely formed deep black red, huge plants, lots of flowers, great cutter. $4.00


FITZYS DARK ANGEL (M) (ID) Becomming a real favorite in dark red. Can win and a great cutter $6.00

FORMBY CREST (M) (FD)    Nicely formed blend of yellow and bright red like all the formbys its great – SOLD OUT

GLOW (FD) Beautiful deep lavender. Petals recurve to long stems. Vigorous grower, lots of flowers. $4.00

GW'S BABE (M) (SC) Blend of deep pink and yellow. #1 in it's class SOLD OUT

HOLLYHILL BRIDGET (M) (SC) Deep blend of pink and yellow. $4.00


HULINS CARNIVAL (M) (FD) A great old timer that still wins, variegated white and red. Great cut flower $4.00

JIM DANDY (M) (FD) Beautiful bi-color of white and purple. $7.00

KENORA DAZZLER (M) Deep blend of purple and white. Good cutflower. $4.00

LAVADANDY (R. Adams Jr. 07) (M) (FD) Another excellent dahlia from my brother Roger Jr. This one is an improved version of the old timer Rebecca Lynn in a deeper shade of lavender and a bigger plant. Has excellent form for M and reflexes nicely to the extra long stems. Can win and is one of our best cutflowers. Excellent tuber producer. $4.00

MATTHEW ALAN (M) (FD) Pretty pink and white, nice form, great cutflower. SOLD OUT

MISTY CHANGELING (FD) Attractive bi color of white and rose red. Makes a ton of flowers. Love it  $5.00

NORMANDY MIKEY (M)(ID) Unusual shade of rustic red makes a load of flowers. Wins at the shows and the florist love it. SOLD OUT

ORETI ADELE (M)(FD) Light blend of yellow and orange-pink, great cutflower, love it. $4.00  SOLD OUT

ORETI LIZ (M)(FD) Lots of purple miniature flowers, good cutflower  SOLD OUT

PARKLAND PROM (M) (FD) Nicely formed deep pink, good cut flower $4.00

PEACHES AND CREAM (M) (FD) Beautiful combination of peachy orange and cream with a soft pink blush $7.50

PINEAPPLE LOLIPOP (M)(FD) Perfectly for deeper yellow, still wins, great cutflower. SOLD OUT

RAZ MA TAZ (M)(FD) Deep blend of raspberry red and yellow, #1 in its class. $4.00

RED SPLENDOR (R. Adams 04) (M) (ID) Velvety deep rose red with a beautiful sheen that stands out in the garden. Produces loads of early blooming flowers with long strong stems. An excellent tuber producer and a superb cutflower. Will show also  SOLD OUT

REJMANS POLISH KID (M) (FD) - Pretty bi-color of white and red. #1 in its class.  SOLD OUT

ROBAN SUNSPOT (M) (FD) Pretty yellow with a touch of peach $5.00

ROBERT TOO (FD) Dark rose blending to white. Good for show or cutting. SOLD OUT

ROCK RUN ASHLEY  (M)  (FD)- formal pink mini that wins at the shows and cuts great - SOLD OUT

ROCK RUN EMILY (M) (FD) Fantastic bronze color with loads of perfectly formed blooms. Wins and cuts great  SOLD OUT

ROCK RUN MAE (M) (FD) Bright red blooms abound on a robust plant., another excellent cutflower. $3.00

ROSE TOSCANO (FD) Light orange petals recurve to long stem. Excellent form Outstanding exhibition and garden variety. We love it!  SOLD OUT

SANTA'S HELPER (M)(FD) Attractive blend of red and white, I like better than Santa Claus, super cutflower. $5.00

SCOTTS CRITERION (M) (C) Deep pink cactus. #1 in its class. Great cutter. $4.00

SHADOW CAT (M)  (FD) Tall growing black red that still produces a lot of flowers.and still wins at the shows. One of the best old timers. -$4.00

STEVANS VANDA (M) (FD) Formal red mini. Can win awards and cuts great. SOLD OUT

TAHOMA KELLI (M) (FD) Pretty blend of light lavender and white, superb cutflower. $ 4.50  SOLD OUT

TAHOMA VIVIAN (M) (FD) Flashy combo of burnt red and yellow. #1 in its class and a super cut flower $4.50

TONYA (FD)-Globular yellow flowers. Great form. Excellent for cut or show $4.00

TREBY DAINTY (M) (FD) #1 in its class. Pretty blend of lavender and white with excellent form. -$5.00

WESTON SPANISH DANCER (N) (C) A garden standout, yellow with bright red tips. A big show winner and a great cutflower. $5.00

WESTON PIRATE (C) Dark red cactus that's wins a lot and a very good cutflower -$5.00

WILDCAT (M)(SC) Deep blend of dark red and yellow, makes loads of long stem flowers, good cutter. $3.00

WOODLAND'S NAOMI (M) (FD) Tall plants covered with nicely formed lavender blooms, great cutflower, can win. $4.00

WOODLAND'S WONDROUS (M) (FD) Bright reddish orange with a touch of yellow deep in the center, superb cutflower. $5.00

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