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Miniature Dahlias- up to 4" in diameter

FD- Formal decorative (flat petals, often recurve to stem); ID - Informal decorative (wavy petals) I C - Cactus (petals rolled like quills); SC - Semi-cactus (petals broad at base, rolled or twisted toward tips); WL - Water lily (broad, flat petals); IC - Incurved cactus (tips curve toward center)


AMOROUS (M) (FD) Striking combination of orange, sprayed with spots of red. Great cut flower that can also win at the shows $4.50

ARENAS SUNSET (M) (LC) Light blend of yellow and orange. Good cutflower that also wins at the shows   $3.00

BARBARRY DREAM (M) (FD) Dark red miniature that makes loads of flowers. $5.00

BLIZZARD (M)(FD) (R. Adams Jr. 05) A blizzard of pure white 3 blooms cover each plant. Nicely formed flowers recurve perfectly back to the long strong stems. Has show potential and is our best cutflower white. A tremendous tuber maker. $5.00

BRISTOL CANARY (M) (FD)  Nicely formed dark yellow. Good cutter  $5.50

CAMANO BUZZ (M) (FD) One of the best deep orange cutflowers, loads of flowers and long strong stems, love it, $4.50

CECIL (M) F.D.) Beautiful blend of lavender and pink. Superb cutflower. $4.00

CHECKERS (FD) A standout in the garden. 4 blooms of burgundy red petals tipped in white. If you like bi-colors you must have this one. One of my favorites. $5.00   

CHIMACUM NADJAE (M) (FD) Miniature deep pink. A big winner at the shows and very good cutflower. $7.50  - SOLD OUT

CLEARVIEW ARLA (M) (SC) Pretty semi cactus. Lavender nice cutter.  $6.50 - SOLD OUT

CLEARVIEW BUTTERSCOTCH ​(M) (FD) Light blend of yellow and orange - $15.00 - limit 1  - SOLD OUT

DELTA CLARET (M) (FD) 4014 Pretty combination of red with silver lining, extra long stems and a lot of flowers. $3.00 - SOLD OUT

EVENING LADY (FD) Bright currant red with fine exhibition form. Nice stems Prolific blooms. $4.50

FIDALGO BLACKIE (M) (FD) Nicely formed deep black red, huge plants, lots of flowers, great cutter. $4.00


FITZYS DARK ANGEL (M) (ID) Becomming a real favorite in dark red. Can win and a great cutter $6.00 - SOLD OUT

FORMBY CREST (M) (FD)    Nicely formed blend of yellow and bright red like all the Formby's its great - $8.00  - SOLD OUT

HOLLYHILL BRIDGET (M) (SC) Deep blend of pink and yellow. $7.50 - SOLD OUT


HULINS CARNIVAL (M) (FD) A great old timer that still wins, variegated white and red. Great cut flower $4.00  SOLD OUT

JIM DANDY (M) (FD) Beautiful bi-color of white and purple. $4.00

KENORA DAZZLER (M) Deep blend of purple and white. Good cutflower. $7.00  - SOLD OUT

LAVADANDY (R. Adams Jr. 07) (M) (FD) Another excellent dahlia from my brother Roger Jr. This one is an improved version of the old timer Rebecca Lynn in a deeper shade of lavender and a bigger plant. Has excellent form for M and reflexes nicely to the extra long stems. Can win and is one of our best cutflowers. Excellent tuber producer. $5.50  - SOLD OUT

MISTY CHANGELING (FD) Attractive bi color of white and rose red. Makes a ton of flowers. Love it  $7.00

NATC Andrew (M) (FD) Dark Red - $15.00

NORMANDY MIKEY (M)(ID) Unusual shade of rustic red makes a load of flowers. Wins at the shows and the florist love it. SOLD OUT

ORETI ADELE (M)(FD) Light blend of yellow and orange-pink, great cutflower, love it. $7.00  

ORETI LIZ (M)(FD) Lots of purple miniature flowers, good cutflower  SOLD OUT

PINEAPPLE LOLIPOP (M)(FD) Perfectly for deeper yellow, still wins, great cutflower.  $8.00

PUGET SPARKLE (M) (FD) A formal deck red that makes a lot of flowers - $3.50.

REJMANS POLISH KID (M) (FD) - Pretty bi-color of white and red. #1 in its class.  SOLD OUT

ROBAN SUNSPOT (M) (FD) Pretty yellow with a touch of peach $5.00  SOLD OUT

ROBERT TOO (FD) Dark rose blending to white. Good for show or cutting. SOLD OUT

ROCK RUN ASHLEY  (M)  (FD)- formal pink mini that wins at the shows and cuts great.  $15.00  SOLD OUT

ROCK RUN MAE (M) (FD) Bright red blooms abound on a robust plant., another excellent cutflower. $5.00  - SOLD OUT

ROSE TOSCANO (FD) Light orange petals recurve to long stem. Excellent form Outstanding exhibition and garden variety. We love it!  $12.00  SOLD OUT

SANTA'S HELPER (M)(FD) Attractive blend of red and white, I like better than Santa Claus, super cutflower. $5.00 SOLD OUT

SCOTTS CRITERION (M) (C) Deep pink cactus. #1 in its class. Great cutter. $8.00

SHADOW CAT (M)  (FD) Tall growing black red that still produces a lot of flowers.and still wins at the shows. One of the best old timers. -$4.00

STEVANS VANDA (M) (FD) Formal red mini. Can win awards and cuts great. SOLD OUT

TAHOMA KELLI (M) (FD) Pretty blend of light lavender and white, superb cutflower. $ 7.50   - SOLD OUT

TAHOMA VIVIAN (M) (FD) Flashy combo of burnt red and yellow. #1 in its class and a super cut flower $6.00

TONYA (FD)-Globular yellow flowers. Great form. Excellent for cut or show $4.00 - Limit 1

TREBY DAINTY (M) (FD) #1 in its class. Pretty blend of lavender and white with excellent form. -$5.00  SOLD OUT

WESTON SPANISH DANCER (N) (C) A garden standout, yellow with bright red tips. A big show winner and a great cutflower. $5.00   SOLD OUT

WESTON PIRATE (C) Dark red cactus that's wins a lot and a very good cutflower -$5.00

WILDCAT (M)(SC) Deep blend of dark red and yellow, makes loads of long stem flowers, good cutter. $3.00 - SOLD OUT

WOODLAND'S NAOMI (M) (FD) Tall plants covered with nicely formed lavender blooms, great cutflower, can win. $5.50

WOODLAND'S WONDROUS (M) (FD) Bright reddish orange with a touch of yellow deep in the center, superb cutflower. $6.00

Wynooche Valley (M) (FD) Orange with a yellow center. - $6.00

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