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Latest Dahlia Additions for 2022

AC Ana Lisa (B) C - Good blend of orange and yellow. - 4.00  - SOLD OUT

AC AU  (B) (S.C)  Nice orange that cuts great -6.50  - SOLD OUT


AC Candy   (BB)  (FD)  Variegated color of lavender and purple. Great cutflower -5.00   


AC Conan   (B) (SC)  Great purple color that wins and cuts excellent -8.00 

AC Cougar (B) (SC)  A big winner in the color of deeper red and lighter yellow Very nice - 7.00.  

AC Hottie (Stellar) Gorgeous deep pink stellar. Love it -7.50  

AC Kahuna  (A)   (FD)  Awesome deep rose purple that’s #1 in its class - 8.00  

AC Jeb  (BB) (FD)  Excellent dark red - 8.00   - SOLD OUT

AC Leslie (BB) C - Blend of orange and yellow. #1 in its class. - 8.00 limited

AC Marlene (A) (IC) - Variegated yellow and red. - 8.50 - SOLD OUT

AC MP (BB)  (C)   A huge winner in the color of deep rose purple ,Love it-10.00.


AC Rosebud  (BB) (ID) - Pretty combination of medium rose and yellow . Wins a lot - 4.00  - SOLD OUT

AC Roskelly  (AA)  (SC)  Very nice giant lavender - 8.00

AC Shannon  (B) (IC)    Pretty incurved cactus in red and yellow . One of my favorites-8.00.


AC Zed  (AA)  (SC)  Giant purple that wins at the shows. Love it - 10.00  - SOLD OUT

Aitara April (BB)  (C) Pretty blend of pink and white-6.50   

Allie White (B) (ID)  Excellent white that still wins -7.00 - SOLD OUT

Alpen JD  (M) (FD) Excellent red miniature . Good cutflower - 4.00

Alpen Marie (BB) (IC) - Excellent yellow cutflower - 5.00

Alpen Parfait A ( C ) -  Beautiful peachy pink with white outer edges - 7.50 


Alberta Sunset  NX -   Striking novelty red with a hint of orange - 7.00


Anthony Armelin  (ST ) -   excellent red stellar, good cutflower - 6.00   - SOLD OUT

Bargally Blush (B)  (FD)  One of the best deep pinks . A big winner and great cutflower - 8.50


Bar Sun Up  (BB) (IC) Light blend  of orange and yellow That wins - 5.00 - SOLD OUT

Bear Creek Sunrise  (BB)  (C)  Huge winning in its class, Very pretty orange - 6.00

Bella  (S)  (AA) (ID)  Excellent deep lavender. Hard to find. Still wins - 12.00


Born Rojo (ST) - Excellent stellar red cutflower - 4.50


Bonanza  (M) FD - Light orange mini . Good cutter - 4.00  - SOLD OUT

Bantling  (Pom) - Excellent cutflower orange pom A real favorite - 5.00  - SOLD OUT

Bloomquist Amethyst  (B)  (IC) excellent incurved cactus thats #1 in its class - 10.00  - SOLD OUT


Bloomquist Isla - P  (BB)  (FD)   A formal light pink -10.00  - SOLD OUT

Bloomquist Dan - G (BALL) A Dark red mini ball that wins and is a very good cutflower - 5.00  

Bloomquist Karen -G (B)  (SC)  Nice blend of bright red and  yellow.- 7.00


Bloomquist Michael-F  (POM) Dark red with  a yellow on  the inside . Makes a ton of flowers - 6.00  - SOLD OUT


Bloomquist Mildred-S  (BB)   A laciniated light blend of yellow and pink.=6.50 

Bloomquist Paxton P (B) (SC) - Beautiful blend or bronze and yellow Excellent form. Great cutflower-6.00

Bloomquist  Paul Jr (MB)  Big winner in dark red pom #1 in its class-6.00    


Bo Peep (BB) (ID)  Attractive pink that’s a great cutflower- 5.00

Bohemian Spartacus (A) (ID) - A sport of Spartacus with streaks of golden yellow. Each one is different.-8.50.

Bride to Be (WL) - A pure white waterlily. #1 in its class. - 6.00  - SOLD OUT

Bristol Sunny (M) SC - Great Yellow cutflower - 4.00

Bubbling Over  (B)  ( ID)  Pretty blend of pink and yellow . Excellent cutflower that can win also. $5.00

Café -Au – Lait Rose (B) ID -  A rose version of Café – Au’Lait - 10.00 - SOLD OUT

Camano Mordor  (BALL)   Blend of deep pink and pink Very different-7.00. - SOLD OUT

Camano X-Man  (Ball) Excellent red ball that’s hard to find  $10.00.


Carmen Alexandra (BB) - SC Light blend of yellow and orange. - 6.50  

Carmen Savery   (BB) (C) Beautifully formed red cactu that wins and cuts great - 6.00 

Catalina (BALL)  Perfectly formed orange ball that wins in a tough class-12.00  - SOLD OUT

Clifton Jordi (BB)  (F.D) Pretty blend of white and deep pink. Love it!  $9.00  - SOLD OUT

Clifton Tyler  (B)  (SC) Excellent cutflower yellow-4.00   - SOLD OUT

Constania Lemon (B)  Awesome laciniated yellow - 4.00 

Contraste (B) (FD) Beautiful bi-color of red and white. Great old timer- $7.50 

Cornell Bronze (Ball) - A spectacular bronze sport of cornel. Great cutter and #1 in its class - 4.00

Crazy 4 Ieshia (Mini) (FD) - Perfectly formed miniature dark red #1 in it class.  Wins big - 9.00,  limit 1 per person

Crème DE Cassis (WL) Pretty deep lavender mauve color with darker edges - 5.50 - SOLD OUT

Elks High Impact (BB) (FD)  - Bright orange that makes a load of flowers and is hard to find.- $6.50  limit 1 per person - SOLD OUT

Elks LIPs On Fire  (B) (I.D)  - Excellent laciniated raspberry red I love it  - 6.00

Elks Tennelly Rose (Ball) - Pretty blend of Pink, Yellow and white. - 9.00  - SOLD OUT

Elks Twitterpation (B)  (FD)  Beautiful dark red - 7.50

Elks Wishing Bone (BALL) -  Superb ball shaped orange that makes a lot of flowers. I like this one.-  $6.00,  limit 1 per person.

England’s Glory  (AA)  (ID)  A great old-timer A huge purple and white. Love it -10.00

Fairway Spur (AA) (FD)  Old  Time bronze that still wins - 8.00 - SOLD OUT

Ferncliff Bliss - Light blend of yellow with lavender on the edges - 8.00  - SOLD OUT

Ferncliff Innocence (BB) (ID) Pretty white - 6.00


Ferncliff  Spice (MB) - Pretty blend of light yellow and lavender - 8.00 - SOLD OUT


Ferncliff Pearl (BB)  FD - Good small cut flower white - 4.00  - SOLD OUT

Fifi  (Pom) - One of the best pink poms - 15.00   - SOLD OUT

Formbys Kaitlin. (A) (FD)  Awesome huge purple that should be an AA size. $15.00 limit  - 1 per person  

Gay Triumph (AA) (SC)  Excellent orange old timer that still wins  $8.50


GGs Allesandro (M)  FD - Great purple cut flower. - 5.00  - SOLD OUT

GGs Kalinda (BB) FD - Great cut flower purple . - 5.00  

Gitts Crazy (ST) - Great blend of bright red and yellow.  #1 in its class. - 5.00

Hamilton Lillian (BB) FD - A super old timer in a beautiful shade of light orange. - 6.50  - SOLD OUT


Hapet Blue Eyes (B) FD - Beautiful blend of deep purple and white. Very Striking - 8.00 

Harts laura Ann (BB)  (FD)  Great dark red cutflower-4.50  


Helen’s Little Orange (M)  (FD) Formal deep orange that makes a lot of flowers - 5.00 - SOLD OUT

Hilltop Kemper (B) SC - Pretty blend of red and yellow - 7.50

Hollyhill Dark Victory  (B)   (C)  Excellent dark red cactus. Good old- timer-7.50

Hollyhill Donatello (B)  (SC) Pretty light blend of orange and yellow - 7.50  - SOLD OUT


Hollyhill Dr Rick  (BB) (IC)   Excellent incurved red cactus . # 1 in its class.-8.50 


Hollyhill Lemon Ice (Stellar)  A yellow on white combo. Makes a lot of flowers. - 6.00

Hollyhill Miss White  (MB) Perfectly formed white balls with a blush of pink in center. Huge winner - 7.00


Hollyhill Orange Ice  (BB)  (FD)  A gorgeous bi-color of orange on white Love it Good cutflower - 4.00   

Hollyhill Pink Martini (WL) Beautiful blend of deep pink and white  Makes a lot of flowers.-6.50   - SOLD OUT

Hollyhill Pixie (MB) Prett blend of deep pink and white #1 in its class-9.00  SOLD OUT

Hollyhill Regal (M) FD - Perfectly formed mini purple . Big winner and great cutter. - 6.50  

Hollyhill Tigress (WL) - Variegated combo of smokey red and yellow Really different - 5.00 - SOLD OUT


Hollyhill Violetta (MB)  nicely formed purple that makes a lot of flowers - 6.00 

Ice Tea  (M)  (FD)  3” flowers of amber orange. Nice cutflower 4.50

Irish Blackberry (Ball) Very good deep purple ball.  $6.00

Irish Blackheart (Stellar) Striking bi color of dark red and white. Big winner at the shows . #1 in its class - 8.50  - SOLD OUT

Irish Glow (POM) - A rustic red pom that makes a lot of flowers and wins a lot. - 7.00 - SOLD OUT

Jowey Nicky (Ball ) - Nicely formed bright orange ball.One of our best.- 6.00 - SOLD OUT


Jowey Joshua  (Ball) - Unique blend of rustic red and yellow. Love it - 7.00 - SOLD OUT

Jowey Chantal ( M)  FD - bright orange mini  with great form. Love it - 6.50


Jacs Allmande  (M) FD - Excellent cutflower orange - 4.00

Kelsey Annie Joy -  Pretty collarette of orange with a pink tinge.  Wins a lot! - 8.00   - SOLD OUT

Kenora Spirit (B)  Lac    Nicely formed laciniated white..


Kenora Wow  (B )  S.C - Deep blend of dark red and yellow. A very good cut flower - 5.00    SOLD OUT

Ketchup and Mustard (A) FD - What a great dahlia.  Outstanding blend of yellow and red.  My son and I both love it! - 8.50

Korb Yellow Hy-Light (BB) (FD)  Very pretty combo of yellow and white. Great cutflower - 7.00  SOLD OUT

La Luna  (AA) (ID)  A huge growing yellow that’s #1 in its class - 8.00

Labyrinth (B) ID -  Has very unusual shaped petals in light pink that swirl around . A real favorite - 11.00  - SOLD OUT

Lakeview Curley (B)  (LC) - Light blend of pink and yellow-10.00    - SOLD OUT

Lakeview Gertie (BB)  (LC) Laciniated beauty of deep pink and white. Love it - 5.00

Lakeview Lucky  (BB) (FD)  Formal bronze flowers. Nice color and a good cutflower - 7.50  

Lindas Baby (Ball) - Pretty soft pink ball, that’s a great cutter. - 7.00 - SOLD OUT

Lulu (Ball) Gorgeous white ball  - 11.00 - SOLD OUT

Mango Madness  (AA) (ID) Huge medium orange that wins . -8.00 

Nadine Jessie (BB)  (SC)  Excellent purple that wins - 6.00  - SOLD OUT


Naomi Orange- (BB)  (FD)   Bright deep orange cutflower. Love it - 5.50

Narrows Brooks (MB) - Great red mini ball.  Love it. - 7.50

Narrows Donnie  (B) (IC)  Pretty light blend of yellow and pink. Excellent-7.50   - SOLD OUT

Natalie G  (M)  (FD)  Formal pink that makes a lot of flowers- -4.50  SOLD OUT

Northlake Heritage (B)  Very pretty laciniated light yellow. The petal swirl around  the stem. A big winner - 8.00

Odyssey  (MB) White ball with a pink blush - 8.00   - SOLD OUT

Orsett Beauty  (MB)  - Excellent white cut flower ball - 3.00.

Peaches (FD) (BB)  Beautiful peachy pink. - 6.00

Peach Pie (BB) (ID) Eatable peachy pink - 5.00

Pearsons Ben (BB)  (SC)  Good old time red - 4.00  - SOLD OUT

Penn's Gift (AA) (ID) - An old timer that still wins biggest in the show A huge lavender that is still very popular. - 10.00

Phoenix (B)  (FD)  A very tall growing deep lavender purple. A real giant. - 8.00

Pink Bubblegum (BB) Laciniated deep pink.- 7.50

Pink Robin Hood (Ball) - Beautifully formed pink sport of Robin Hood. - 5.00

Pooh (coll) - Striking bi color of red and yellow. Still #1 in its class. - 6.00  - SOLD OUT

Rhonda (POM) Light blend of pink and lavender. Love it-8.00  - SOLD OUT


Rinsho  (B) (ID) A big  dahlia that grows like  a A size. Pretty purple and white. Great old-timer - 4.00. 

Rivers Red Rosebud  (BB) FD - Deep burgundy red that cuts great and makes huge tubers - 12.50

Rocco  (POM) - a true purple pom that makes a loadof flowers One of my favorite poms - 5.00

Ryecroft Jan (Min) (FD) - A tremendous miniature white that wins big - 12.00, limit 1 per person.  SOLD OUT

Sandia Commanche (BB) LC - A laciniated bright red and light yellow. Very striking - 5.00   - SOLD OUT

Sherwoods Peach (AA) (FD)  Big Bright orange that still wins and cuts great - $7.50

Skipley Mello Yello (B) IC.- Pretty light yellow that is #1 in its class - 7.00  SOLD OUT

Snicker Doodle  (BB)   (FD)   Super cutflower orange - 6.00

Spike  (AA)  (C)  White cactus with unusual form. Great old timer. -10.00


Stillwater Becky (Stellar)  Spectacular blend of two shades of purple. Superb cutflower - 4.50    

Summer Rain (B)  (FD)  Beautiful light bronze. One of my favorite old timers 10.00  - SOLD OUT

Sylvia (MB)  Nicely formed deep orange , Good cutter -5.00 - SOLD OUT

Tahoma Surething  (B) (C)  A huge winner in a gorgeous peach,#1 in its class-12.00   - SOLD OUT

Tisa (POM)  Pretty deep reddish purple with great form. Makes a lot of flowers-7.00 - SOLD OUT

Tyr Best - A striking novelty red that’s #1 in its class - 7.00  - SOLD OUT

Ukraine Free (B) (I.D)  Excellent dark red  a real favorite. $ 15.00  Limit -1 per person

Verrone Carol M  (M)  C  - A prolific blooming light orange cactus. Makes a load of flowers. Great cutter - 3.50  - SOLD OUT

Wynns Ghostie (B)  (ID) -   Pure white that reflexes nicely back to the stem. Great cut flower - 7.50

Wyns Mystique  (A)  (SC) -  Beautiful deep pink 12.00

Wyns Pure Magic  (A) (FD) - Great formal purple -12.00  - SOLD OUT

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