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GIANT DAHLIAS - over 10" in diameter. Size AA

FD: Formal decorative (flat petals, often re-curve to stem); ID: Informal decorative (wavy petals) IC: Cactus (petals rolled like quills); SC: Semi-cactus (petals broad at base, rolled or twisted toward tips); WL: Water lily (broad, flat petals); IC: In-curved cactus (tips curve toward center)


A.C BEN (AA) Light blend of orange and yellow #1 in its class $5.00 

AMAND SUPREME (AA) (SC) Beautiful light yellow with excellent form, good cutter and can win SOLD OUT

BODACIOUS (AA) (ID) Huge 11" blooms of bright orange red with yellow on the under side of the petals. Big winner and Derril Hart award winner. $6.50

BEN HUSTON (AA) (ID) Huge plant with orange blooms. Wins Big. $3.00

CLARA HUSTON (AA) (IC)  Giant orange cactus #1 in its class $8.00 - SOLD OUT

CREVECOEUR (AA) (SC) One of the largest reds. Huge winner at the shows and a very good cutflower. $6.50 - SOLD OUT

DANUM RHODA (AA) (FD) Excellent old timer formal pink that makes a lot of flowers and tubert. $6.50

HANA HITOSUJI (AA) (C) Attractive blend of peach and yellow. In a class by itself. $7.00

HOLLYHILL BIG PINK (AA) (ID) Giant deep pink that’s winning big SOLD OUT

KELVIN FLOODLIGHT (FD) Huge 12" yellow flowers. Can win at the shows. $7.50 

MANIAC (AA) (SC) Sport of Gregory Stephen. Light orange splashed with red, very striking. $4.00

MR. LARRY (AA) (SC) Great old time orange that still produces $5.50

NICK SR.   (AA)  (ID) Huge winning red. Love it. $7.50

PENHILL DARK MONARCH (AA) (ID) Massive purple and yellow blooms with good depth. Big winner at the shows and a great cutflower. $5.50  SOLD OUT

PENHILL WATERMELON (AA) (ID) Fantastic blend of light yellow and pink. Tall plants with great stems. $4.00

SAM HUSTON (AA) (ID) Old time big orange that I love $5.00

SURPRISE (SC) Beautiful 10" peach pink that wins and cuts great. $6.00  SOLD OUT

TOM SAUK (AA) (SC) Dark red blooms on a robust plant. Excellent old timer. $4.00 - SOLD OUT

UMPQUA DELIGHT (AA) (SC) Golden yellow blooms another great umpqua. Love it. $4.00  

WALTER HARDISTY (ID) Pure white 12" blooms. one of the best. $10.00

WANDAS CAPELLA (AA) (ID) A vigorous growing bright yellow. Easy to grow for show or garden. $4.00

WANDAS MOONLIGHT (ID) Easy growing, light yellow. Great cutflower. $4.00

WILDMAN (SC) Many huge red blooms. Top show winner and great garden flower. $5.00

WINKIE CARNIVAL (AA) (SC) Huge growing red with white streaks and a yellow center. $8.00 

WINKIE COLONEL (AA) (ID) One of my favorite big reds. A winner at the shows and a very good cutflower. $6.00 - SOLD OUT

WYNNS CINNABAR (AA) (SC) Striking combination of red and orange. Wins and cuts great. $6.00

WYNNS DELTA FRANK (AA) (SC) Huge growing cactus orange that produces lots of flowers. Good for show and cut. $4.50 - SOLD OUT

WYNNS DESERT SUNRISE (AA) (SC)  Heavy blooming orange that makes a lot of tubers. Love it $6.00 - SOLD OUT


WYNNS DREAM WEAVER (AA) (SC) Giant orange semi cactus. $7.00  SOLD OUT

WYNNS KING SALMON (AA) (SC) Deep pink show flower. Only one in its class $14.00  SOLD OUT

WYNNS SAFARI SUNSET (AA) (SC) Big orange that produces a good amount of flowers SOLD OUT

WYNNS SUNDAZZLER (AA) (SC) Big winning deep yellow. $6.50

ZORRO (ID) Many 12" blood red blooms. Superb! 1991 Dahlia of the YEAR! $7.00

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