Ball over 3.5 diameter
Miniature Ball (MB)  over 2 to 3.5 diameter
Pompom (P)  Golf ball size, up to 2 diameter

FD: Formal decorative (flat petals, often re-curve to stem); ID: Informal decorative (wavy petals) IC: Cactus (petals rolled like quills); SC: Semi-cactus (petals broad at base, rolled or twisted toward tips); WL: Water lily (broad, flat petals); IC: In-curved cactus (tips curve toward center).

A.C. DEVIN (Ball) Awesome deep blend of white and purple, great form and a tremendous cutflower and also wins. $4.00

AURORAS KISS (MB) Perfectly formed dark red miniature ball great for show and cut. $4.00

BITSA (MB) Perfectly formed bright red balls. Can win and makes a load of flowers. Good old-timer. $3.00

BOWEN (POM) Pure white pom that wins big and makes a lot of flowers. $6.00

BROOKSIDE SNOWBALL (BALL) Pure white classic. One of the best. $4.00

CECIL (MB) A sport of robin hood. Same great form in a rose with orange overtone. $4.00

CHIMACUM DEL BLOOMA (MB) Excellent purple mini-ball. Another great chimacum- $6.50

CHIMACUM LES-C (MB) Deep rose red with a touch of purple. A very good cutflower that also wins - $5.00

CHIMACUM TROY (MB) (FD)  One of the best purple balls for show and cutflower - $6.50

CHIMACUM ZYAIR (MB) One of my favorite chimacums. Great purple for show and cutflower - $5.00

CORNELL (BALL) A non fading deep red with great form. One of the best show balls. $3.00


DONS DELIGHT (P) A show winning lavender with great form. $4.00

DOT.COM (P)  2 Deep purple blooms on long stems. Great color and makes a lot of flowers, Love it  $6.00

DOROTHY R  (MB)   Nicely formed white mini ball.   Can win at the shows and a great cutter - $4.50

DOWNHAM ROYAL (MB) Pure dark purple. Top 10 show winner. Terrific flower! SOLD OUT

FRANK HOLMES (P) Still one of the best pink poms. $4.00

GINGER WILLO (P) Dark blend of yellow and bright red. Excellent for cutting and a winner. $6.00

GLENPLACE (P) Early blooming deep purple. Really cute. Excellent for cutting or show. $5.00

GRAYVAL SHIRAZ (MB) Dark red mini ball. Lots of flowers. $4.50

GREENDOR (BALL)  One of my favorite ball dahlias and a huge winner at the shows. Also a great cut flower   $7.00 

HILLCREST SUFFUSION (BALL) Big orange balls with good form. Has show potential. Good cutflower. $3.50

HY IMPACT (BALL) Variegated white and purple. #1 in its class, good cutflower. $4.00

HY MALLOW (BALL) Just another great dahlia in the Hy family. They are all very good. Mallow is a deep rosy purple with great form. I love it. An early bloomer. $5.00

IRISH EMBERS  (POM)   One of the best poms in red and yellow. - $4.50

IRISH MISS (POM) Fantastic deep blend of purple and white. Big plants, lots of perfectly formed blooms. Big winner and good cutflower. $3.00

IVANETTI (BALL) Purple sport of the great Cornell with all the same habits. Wins a lot and good cutflower. $4.00

JESSIE G (BALL)  Best introduction of 94. Perfectly formed deep red. Tremendous grower. $4.50

KASASAGI (P) 2 blooms in a showy yellow and red. One of the best for show and cutflower. $5.00

KENS CHOICE (BALL) Perfectly formed red blooms. Big winner $5.00

KYM WILLO (POM) Pretty blend of orange and bright red. $4.50

LITTLE CAESAR (MB) Early blooming ball in medium orange with a hint of yellow. Extra long stems that make it a great cut flower $4.00

LITTLE PUMPKIN (R .Adams Jr. '03) (FD) (M) A low growing compact pumpkin-orange miniature with great stems and loads of flowers a super cut flower that is capable of winning at the shows. Has excellent form.  $3.50

LYNNS APRIL (BALL) Nicely formed red ball. Good cutflower. $4.00

LUPIN BRITAIN  (POM)   A great old time red pom. Still a favorite. $4.50 

MASTER DAVID (MB) 3  flowers of orange and yellow blend. Early bloomer, lots of flowers and a big winner. $3.50

MINGUS GARY (MB) Very pretty deep pink miniature ball good cutter. $6.00

MS KENNEDY (MB) A real favorite, perfect orange balls that the florists love. Big winner and great cutflower. $5.00

MS SCARLETT (MB) The #1 red miniature red ball in its class. Great for show and cut flower $6.50

MS ZELDA (BALL) Striking variegate white with purple splashes. Can win and cuts excellent. $4.50

NARROWS KIRSTEN (BALL) Very pretty deep ball. Big winner and I love it- $6.50 

NARROWS PAM (BALL) One of the best lavender balls $6.50

PAUL SMITH (BALL)  Dark red, nearly purple. Good form and color. Large flowers. $5.00

POLVENTON SUPREME (BALL) A robust growing perfectly formed light yellow. Big winner at the shows. $4.00

REAL GOLD (Pom)  A super cutflower pom  in bright orange gold. Love it $4.00

RED BALLOON (BALL)  Perfectly formed red ball. Wins big and a very good cutflower $4.00

REGAL BOY (BALL) Nicely formed purple ball, Makes lots of flowers, good cutflower.  SOLD OUT

REJMANS MIDNIGHT (POM)  Excellent dark red pom. Florists love it. Also can win at the shows.  SOLD OUT

ROBANN ROYAL (MB)  Super miniature ball. Beautifully formed vibrant lavender purple. #1 in class. $6.00

ROCK RUN JOAN (MB) Nicely formed bright red , Great for show and cutflower $5.50 

ROCK RUN KAITLIN (MB)   Great form in a dark red Wins and cuts very well $5.00

RUSKIN GYPSY (B) An old timer that still grows great. Red with a tinge. Still one of my favorites for cut flower use $5.00

RUSTY  D (MB) Dark orange bronze with a darker reverse. Great cutflower. $ 4.00

RURAL DIRK (BALL)  Great form in light yellow. Good cutflower  $4.00

S.B.S. BECKY (M)(FD) Nicely formed deep purple, good cutter. $3.50

S.B.S. Sunny  (MB)    #1 in its class. Perfect form in a deeper shade of yellow. -$5.00

S.B.S. TEMPTRESS (MB) Nicely formed miniature ball red excellent cutflower. $4.00

SHEABIRD-C (MB)  A variegated red and orange with great form. Very good cutflower. -$4.00 

SNOHO DORIS (BALL) Perfectly formed ball in bright red. Huge winner, great cutter.  SOLD OUT

SNOHO JO JO (BALL) Nicely formed ball in bright red with overtones of orange. Long stems on tall plants. SOLD OUT

SNOHO FRECKLES (MB) A variegated yellow with red freckles. $5.00 

SNOHO SONIA (BALL) Very pretty lavendar pink ball. Great form, #1 in its class. $5.00

SUNCREST (BALL) Pretty blend of yellow and light orange love it Big winner and great cutter $4.00

TAHOMA ADDISON (MB) Nicely formed mini ball in dark red, love it. $3.50

TAHOMA AMY (BALL) Lavender $4.50

TAHOMA APRIL (Ball)  Deep  pink with great form.good cut flower - $4.00

TAHOMA LADY (MB) (FD) Big winner in a ball form, superb cut flower $5.00 

VALLEY RUST BUCKET (MB) Bright red blooms with a touch of orange. #1 in its class, great for show and cutflower. $3.50

WILLO BOREALIS (P)  Sharp light lavender, blooms with great form #1 in its class. I love it. $4.00

WILLO VIOLET (POM) Pretty purple pom that still wins. Also a good cutter $4.50

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