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Ball over 3.5 diameter
Miniature Ball (MB)  over 2 to 3.5 diameter
Pompom (P)  Golf ball size, up to 2 diameter

FD: Formal decorative (flat petals, often re-curve to stem); ID: Informal decorative (wavy petals) IC: Cactus (petals rolled like quills); SC: Semi-cactus (petals broad at base, rolled or twisted toward tips); WL: Water lily (broad, flat petals); IC: In-curved cactus (tips curve toward center).

A.C. DEVIN (Ball) Awesome deep blend of white and purple, great form and a tremendous cutflower and also wins. $3.00

AURORAS KISS (MB) Perfectly formed dark red miniature ball great for show and cut. $4.00

BOWEN (POM) Pure white pom that wins big and makes a lot of flowers. $6.00

BROOKSIDE SNOWBALL (BALL) Pure white classic. One of the best. $7.00

CATILINS JOY (MB)  Very pretty pink infused with yellow. Miniature Ball. Great show dahlia - $12.00

CECIL (MB) A sport of robin hood. Same great form in a rose with orange overtone. $4.00

CHIMACUM DEL BLOOMA (MB) Excellent purple mini-ball. Another great chimacum- $10.00    

CHIMACUM LES-C (MB) Deep rose red with a touch of purple. A very good cutflower that also wins - $12.00  - SOLD OUT

CHIMACUM TROY (MB) (FD)  One of the best purple balls for show and cutflower - $12.00   - 

CHIMACUM ZYAIR (MB) One of my favorite chimacums. Great purple for show and cutflower - $5.00  SOLD OUT

CORNELL (BALL) A non fading deep red with great form. One of the best show balls. $5.00

CRAZY 4 MARTHA (Ball)  Perfect bright orange. LImit 1 per person, Crazy 4 Cleeres (Ball) Blend of purple and white - $15.00 - limit 1 - SOLD OUT


DOT.COM (P)  2 Deep purple blooms on long stems. Great color and makes a lot of flowers, Love it  $9.00  SOLD OUT

DOROTHY R  (MB)   Nicely formed white mini ball.   Can win at the shows and a great cutter - $4.50

DOWNHAM ROYAL (MB) Pure dark purple. Top 10 show winner. Terrific flower!  $7.50 - SOLD OUT

FRANK HOLMES (P) Still one of the best pink poms. $4.00   SOLD OUT

GINGER WILLO (P) Dark blend of yellow and bright red. Excellent for cutting and a winner. $6.00  SOLD OUT

GLENPLACE (P) Early blooming deep purple. Really cute. Excellent for cutting or show. $12.00    - 

GRAYVAL SHIRAZ (MB) Dark red mini ball. Lots of flowers. $4.50

GREENDOR (BALL)  One of my favorite ball dahlias and a huge winner at the shows. Also a great cut flower   $7.00 

HILLCREST SUFFUSION (BALL) Big orange balls with good form. Has show potential. Good cutflower. $3.50 - SOLD OUT

HY IMPACT (BALL) Variegated white and purple. #1 in its class, good cutflower. $8.00  SOLD OUT

HY MALLOW (BALL) Just another great dahlia in the Hy family. They are all very good. Mallow is a deep rosy purple with great form. I love it. An early bloomer. SOLD OUT


HY SUNTAN (Ball)  Perfectly formed orange bronze ball that still wins - $8.00

IRISH EMBERS  (POM)   One of the best poms in red and yellow. - $8.00 

IRISH MISS (POM) Fantastic deep blend of purple and white. Big plants, lots of perfectly formed blooms. Big winner and good cutflower. $4.00

IVANETTI (BALL) Purple sport of the great Cornell with all the same habits. Wins a lot and good cutflower. $7.50

JESSIE G (BALL)  Best introduction of 94. Perfectly formed deep red. Tremendous grower. $8.00

KENS CHOICE (BALL) Perfectly formed red blooms. Big winner $8.00

LITTLE CAESAR (MB) Early blooming ball in medium orange with a hint of yellow. Extra long stems that make it a great cut flower $6.50 

LYNNS APRIL (BALL) Nicely formed red ball. Good cutflower. $4.00   SOLD OUT

LUPIN BRITAIN  (POM)   A great old time red pom. Still a favorite. $6.00   - 

MINGUS GARY (MB) Very pretty deep pink miniature ball good cutter. $6.00 SOLD OUT

MS KENNEDY (MB) A real favorite, perfect orange balls that the florists love. Big winner and great cutflower. $5.00

MS SCARLETT (MB) The #1 red miniature red ball in its class. Great for show and cut flower $12.00  - SOLD OUT

MS ZELDA (BALL) Striking variegate white with purple splashes. Can win and cuts excellent. $8.00 - SOLD OUT

NARROWS KIRSTEN (BALL) Very pretty deep ball. Big winner and I love it- $10.00  SOLD OUT

NARROWS PAM (BALL) One of the best lavender balls $11.00  

PAUL SMITH (BALL)  Dark red, nearly purple. Good form and color. Large flowers. $8.00

POLVENTON SUPREME (BALL) A robust growing perfectly formed light yellow. Big winner at the shows. $7.00


POP WILLO  (POM) Pretty blend of orange and bright red. $5.00
RED BALLOON (BALL)  Perfectly formed red ball. Wins big and a very good cutflower $8.00 - SOLD OUT

REGAL BOY (BALL) Nicely formed purple ball, Makes lots of flowers, good cutflower.  $7.00

REJMANS MIDNIGHT (POM)  Excellent dark red pom. Florists love it. Also can win at the shows.  SOLD OUT

ROBANN ROYAL (MB)  Super miniature ball. Beautifully formed vibrant lavender purple. #1 in class. $7.00 

ROCK RUN JOAN (MB) Nicely formed bright red , Great for show and cutflower $6.50 

ROCK RUN KAITLIN (MB)   Great form in a dark red Wins and cuts very well $5.00 SOLD OUT

RUSKIN GYPSY (B) An old timer that still grows great. Red with a tinge. Still one of my favorites for cut flower use $5.00

RUSTY  D (MB) Dark orange bronze with a darker reverse. Great cutflower. $6.00  SOLD OUT

S.B.S. BECKY (M)(FD) Nicely formed deep purple, good cutter. $5.00

S.B.S. Sunny  (MB)    #1 in its class. Perfect form in a deeper shade of yellow. -$8.00

S.B.S. TEMPTRESS (MB) Nicely formed miniature ball red excellent cutflower. $4.00

SHEABIRD-C (MB)  A variegated red and orange with great form. Very good cutflower. -$4.00 

SNOHO DORIS (BALL) Perfectly formed ball in bright red. Huge winner, great cutter.  $5.00

SNOHO JO JO (BALL) Nicely formed ball in bright red with overtones of orange. Long stems on tall plants. $6.00  

SNOHO FRECKLES (MB) A variegated yellow with red freckles. $7.00 

SNOHO SONIA (BALL) Very pretty lavendar pink ball. Great form, #1 in its class. $10.00  - 

SUNCREST (BALL) Pretty blend of yellow and light orange love it Big winner and great cutter $8.00 - SOLD OUT

TAHOMA AMY (BALL) Lavender $8.00 - SOLD OUT

TAHOMA APRIL (Ball)  Deep  pink with great form.good cut flower - $9.00

TAHOMA LADY (MB) (FD) Big winner in a ball form, superb cut flower $7.50  

VALLEY RUST BUCKET (MB) Bright red blooms with a touch of orange. #1 in its class, great for show and cutflower. $7.50

WILLO BOREALIS (P)  Sharp light lavender, blooms with great form #1 in its class. I love it. $10.00    - SOLD OUT

WILLO VIOLET (POM) Pretty purple pom that still wins. Also a good cutter $4.50  

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