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Small Dahlias- over 4-6" in diameter Size BB

FD: Formal decorative (flat petals, often recurve to stem); ID: Informal decorative (wavy petals) IC: Cactus (petals rolled like quills); SC: Semi-cactus (petals broad at base, rolled or twisted toward tips); WL: Water lily (broad, flat petals); IC: Incurved cactus (tips curve toward center).


A.C CJ (BB) (SC) Semi cactus in bright, deep orange. Great for show and cut flower. $6.00

ALLIE WHITE (BB) (ID) Huge winner in pure white. Big in the east. Great cutflower, love it!   $7.50 - SOLD OUT

AITARA CARESS (BB) (C) Beautiful light blend of pink and white. #1 in its class.   SOLD OUT

ALPEN SUNDOWN (BB)(FD) Pretty blend of light purple and light yellow. Excellent cut flower.   $12.00 - SOLD OUT

AMELIA BEDELIA  (BB)  A mixture of light rose and white Very Appealing - $4.50  - SOLD OUT

AMERICAN DAWN BB  (FD)  A formal salmon pink Great cutflower - $6.50 - SOLD OUT

AUDREY GRACE (BB) (FD) A glowing shade of red with overtones of orange. Great for show and cutflower. $4.50

BAHAMA MAMA (BB) (ID) Deep blend of yellow and purple - $5.00

BAR IDEAL (BB)(ID) Excellent red cutflower makes lots of flowers. $5.00  - SOLD OUT

BLACK SATIN (BB) (FD)   Formal  black red that makes a great cutflower - $4.00

BLOOMQUIST DAWN (BB) Deep blend of pink with yellow near the center, wins at the show and a very good cutflower. $4.00  -SOLD OUT

BO-DE-0 (BB) (ID)  A strong growing golden yellow that's great for show and cutflower. $4.50

BO–ZOE (BB)   (FD)  Formal lavender cutflower - SOLD OUT

BRACKEN SARAH (BB)(FD) Absolutely beautiful blend of light yellow and orange. Looks like peach., superb form, one of my favorites. $10.00 - SOLD OUT

BRISTOL FLECK (BB)(FD) Variegated white with purple. Big winner and excellent cutflower. $6.50

BROOKSIDE CHERI (BB) (C)  Attractive salmon pink. Wins in its class. $3.00

CALEBS ORANGE CRUSH (BB)  (F.D) Beautiful bright orange, that’s a  great show and cutflower - $15.00 - SOLD OUT

CAMANO PHANTOM (BB) (FD) Nicely formed purple super cutflower. $6.00

CAMANO STROLL  (BB) (FD)  Gorgeous yellow with great form. Wins and cuts great like all the camanos.  $6.50 - SOLD OUT

C.G CORAL   C   Very pretty cactus in deep pink Wins big and a very good cutflower   $5.00  SOLD OUT

CHILSON'S PRIDE (ID)  Pretty white and pink blend. Great cutter, underrated for show. $3.00 - SOLD OUT

COLORADO CLASSIC (BB) (ID) Blend of pink and white that reflex back to the stem with perfect form. Wins. $3.50

COLWOOD ANNE  (BB) (LC)  Very pretty laciniated yellow. Very pretty and a good cutflower - $4.00

DARK DESTINY  BB  (FD)  A very deep burgundy that’s a great cutflower-5.00   SOLD OUT

DARK MAGIC (FD) Silver tipped deep fuchsia with glowing magenta center. Nothing else like it's color. $5.00

EMBRACE (BB) (S.C.) Beautiful blend of orange and yellow. Superb form, big winner. SOLD OUT

FERNCLIFF COPPER (BB) (FD) Outstanding bright red. Good form. Best in class. $6.00

FERNCLIFF LEMON AURA (BB) (C) Deep yellow cactus that wins big and a very good cut flower. $5.00

FERNCLIFF TROPICS (BB) (SC) - Bright orange with a yellow in the center. $4.50 - SOLD OUT

FRIZZY LIZZY (BB) (ID) Tall growing purple that makes loads of flowers. Good for show and cut flower. $4.00

GEORGE C (BB) (FD) Nicely formed deep rose, almost purple. Great form, big plants and lots of flowers, love it. $7.00

HAPET DAYDREAM BB  (FD)  An attractive combination of purple and yellow. One of the best Hapets-  $7.00

HAWAII X (BB) (FD) Striking combo of white with deep pink. Super cut flower that florists love. $4.50


HENRIETTE (BB) (IC) A gorgeous incurved cactus in light pink Love it - $7.00  - SOLD OUT


HISSY FITZ (BB) Beautifully formed lacinated deep yellow. An exceptional showflower and cutflower. $5.00

HOLLYHILL STARBURST (BB) Bright purple cactus with white towards the edge. $16.00

HOLLYHILL CANDY STRIPE (BB) (LC) A variegated blend of pink and red. #1 in its class. $6.00 - SOLD OUT

HOLLYHILL TONI (ID) Variegated white and dark red . Loads of flowers#1 in its class  $7.00  - SOLD OUT

HOT SHOT (BB)(SC) Bright orange that's #1 in its class and also a very good cutflower.  $6.00

HY PIMENTO (BB) (SC) Pretty variegated blend of yellow and red. Good cutter. $6.00  SOLD OUT

HY SOCKEYE (BB)(FD) Well formed bright red blooms. Strong grower that wins big. $6.00

IMPERIAL WINE (BB)(ID) Rich red wine color with a hint of purple. Great garden flower, long stems for cutting. $6.00  - SOLD OUT

JEANNIE LEROUX (BB)(SC) Laciniated blend of white and lavender, a superb cutflower. $4.00   SOLD OUT

JOMANDA (BB) (FD) #1 in it's class. Huge winner and a very good cut flower $8.50 SOLD OUT

JOWEY LINDA (BB) (FD) Super orange cutflower. $5.00

J.S. DOROTHY ROSE (BB) FD - Beautiful blend of purple and deep pink. Great form and a good cutter. $5.00  SOLD OUT


KARMA GOLD BB (FD) - Beautiful shade of peachy pink.  $5.00  SOLD OUT

LAKEVIEW GLOW (BB)  (IC) huge winner in its class and a great cutflower - $5.00 - SOLD OUT

LILAC BULL BB   (FD)  Very formal almost ball shape purple with shades of lilac. $5.00

LUPEN BEN (BB) (FD) Spectacular splash of red and yellow. Great form. Lots of blooms and wins. $5.00

LUPIN CHRIS (BB) (FD) A nicely formed deep purple that wins at the shows. $5.00

LYNN SLIGHT (BB) (ID) One of my better purple cut flowers. Can win at the shows also. $6.00

MALTBY PEARL FD  Pretty light pink .good cutter $3.50  SOLD OUT

MICHELLE VLOET (BB) (FD) Pretty light blend of lavender and white. $5.00 - SOLD OUT

MARY (FD) (BB) Light bled of white and lavender. Big winner all around. $5.00

MINGUS ERIC (BB) Lacinated deep red with great color, super cutflower. $6.00  - SOLD OUT

MINGUS KYLE D (FD) (BB) Good form, Relaxes to the stem. Wins. $5.00  SOLD OUT

MINGUS SELENA (BB)(SC) Beautiful blend of pink and yellow in a cactus form. Great cutflower $5.00

MINGUS TONI (BB)(ID) Variegated pink and red. Strong robust grower that wins and cuts great. $6.00

MISS TEAGEN (BB) (SC) Light blend of pink and white, has won numerous awards and a vey good cutflower. $4.50  - SOLD OUT

MISTHILL CONTESSA (BB) (FD) Beautifully formed orange that wins and cuts on a compact bush. $7.00  - SOLD OUT

MR. JIMMY (BB) (FD) One of the bust purple cutflowers we grow, robust plants, great stems, love it. $6.00

NANCY'S FAVORITE (BB)(ID) Excellent orange cutflower that also wins at the shows.  $7.00

N.T.A.C MIA LIA  (BB)  (FD) #1 in its class . A very pretty deep pink with great form.Excellent cut flower.- $6.00


PARKLAND RAVE  (BB)  (C)    A huge winner in its class #1.One of my favorite Parklands Great form in light lavender. $6.00

PARKLAND TRIBUTE (BB) (FD) Beautiful shade of deep salmon pink. Great cut flower, love it. $5.50

PEARSON'S BEN (BB)(SC) Tall growing bright red. A leader in its class and a very good cut flower. $4.00

SAM HOPKINS BB (ID)  A deep burgundy that has the form of a waterlily - $6.00  - SOLD OUT

SANTA CLAUS (BB) (ID) A beautiful mixture of red and white. A big winner. For show and cutflower. $4.50

SEA ELECTRA (BB) (ID) Beautiful shade of medium purple with great form, can win and a very good cutflower.  $5.00

SNOHO MATTHEW (BB) (FD) Nicely formed dark red. Good cut flower.  $6.00

SONIC BLOOM (BB) (ID) Beautiful shade of coral pink, lots of flowers, great stems and florist love it. $3.00

STILLWATER DAVID A. (BB)(SC) Bright red semi cactus that makes a lot of flowers.  $14.00  - SOLD OUT

STILLWATER MERRILY (BB) (FD)  Pretty variegated blend of orange and red. Good cutflower $6.00

SUMMIT FESTIVAL (BB) Pretty blend rink with a touch of orange overtone and white, love it. $4.50

SWEET FABIENNE  BB  (FD) , Pretty blush light pink. Good cutter - $5.00  - SOLD OUT

TAHOMA SHERYL (BB) (FD) Formal purple that makes loads of 4 flowers, love it. $7.50  - SOLD OUT

TAHOMA TAFFY (BB) (FD) Excellent cutflower, orange. $8.00  - SOLD OUT

TEMPEST (BB) (FD) Different shade of deep rosy coral with good form. Makes lots of flowers on a compact bush. $4.50 - SOLD OUT

THANKS MOM (BB) (I.C) White Best in class -$8.50

TOO SEXY (BB) (FD) Nicely formed formal rose red. Great cutflower. $4.50

TROPIC SUN  (BB) (SC)   Pretty blend of yellow and orange, a super cutflower - $4.00 - SOLD OUT

URCHIN (BB) (LC) Lacinated deep red almost purple, huge winner, makes loads of flowers, love it. $6.00

VALLEY SUNBEAM (BB)(C)  Pretty light yellow tipped in light orange, great cut flower. SOLD OUT

VERKIST ARISTOCRAT (BB) (C)   A real old timer that still is one of my better cut flowers - $5.00

VERKIST SUNSET (BB) (C)  Nicely formed flame color cactus, makes a huge plant and a lot of flowers, I love it.  $5.00

VERRONE'S PATSY (BB)(ID) Pretty deep pink with a small yellow center. $4.50

VERRONE'S WILL (BB)(FD) A formal decorative red that's a great cutflower. $3.50

VISTA LINDSEY (BB) Bright yellow fuzzy blooms with lacinated edges. Wonderful cutflower and #1 in its class. Love it!  $6.00

WILLIE OF ORANGE (BB)(C) Free flowering orange cactus that also wins at the shows.  $5.00

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