Small Dahlias- over 4-6" in diameter Size BB

 FD: Formal decorative (flat petals, often recurve to stem); ID: Informal decorative (wavy petals) IC: Cactus (petals rolled like quills); SC: Semi-cactus (petals broad at base, rolled or twisted toward tips); WL: Water lily (broad, flat petals); IC: Incurved cactus (tips curve toward center).


A.C CJ (BB) (SC) Semi cactus in bright, deep orange. Great for show and cut flower. $5.00

ALLIE WHITE (BB) (ID) Huge winner in pure white. Big in the east. Great cutflower, love it!  SOLD OUT

AITARA CARESS (BB) (C) Beautiful light blend of pink and white. #1 in its class.   SOLD OUT

ALPEN SUNDOWN (BB)(FD) Pretty blend of light purple and light yellow. Excellent cut flower.  SOLD OUT

AUDREY GRACE (BB) (FD) A glowing shade of red with overtones of orange. Great for show and cutflower. $4.50

BARBARRY IMPERIAL (BB)(FD) Beautiful shade of deep pink, great cutflower.  SOLD OUT

BAR IDEAL (BB)(ID) Excellent red cutflower makes lots of flowers. $2.50

BLACK SATIN (BB) (FD)   Formal  black red that makes a great cutflower - $4.00

BLOOMQUIST DAWN (BB) Deep blend of pink with yellow near the center, wins at the show and a very good cutflower. $4.00

BO-DE-0 (BB) (ID)  A strong growing golden yellow that's great for show and cutflower. $4.50

BO–ZOE  (BB)   (FD)  Formal lavender cutflower - SOLD OUT

BRACKEN SARAH (BB)(FD) Absolutely beautiful blend of light yellow and orange. Looks like peach., superb form, one of my favorites. $6.50  SOLD OUT

BRISTOL FLECK (BB)(FD) Variegated white with purple. Big winner and excellent cutflower. $4.50

BRISTOL KARMA (BB)(SC) Great cutflower pink that also wins. $3.50

BROOKSIDE CHERI (BB) (C)  Attractive salmon pink. Wins in its class. $3.00

CAMANO PHANTOM (BB) (FD) Nicely formed purple super cutflower. $6.00

CAMANO SUSAN (BB) (SL) Tall growing bright orange that makes a lot of flowers with great stems, excellent cutflower. $4.00 - SOLD OUT

CAMANO STROLL  (BB) (FD)  Gorgeous yellow with great form. Wins and cuts great like all the camanos.  SOLD OUT

CAMANO THUNDER (BB)(I.C.) Excellent form in deep purple. Wins big and cuts great. Love it. $ 4.00

C.G CORAL   C   Very pretty cactus in deep pink Wins big and a very good cutflower $4.00

C.G REGAL (BB) (FD) Deep blend of white and purple. SOLD OUT

CHILSON'S PRIDE (ID)  Pretty white and pink blend. Great cutter, underrated for show. $4.00

COLORADO CLASSIC (BB) (ID) Blend of pink and white that reflex back to the stem with perfect form. Wins. $3.50

COLWOOD ANNE  (BB) (LC)  Very pretty laciniated yellow. Very pretty and a good cutflower - $4.00

DANA IRIS (BB)(SC) Heavy blooming tall growing deep red. Good cutter that also wins. $3.50

DARK MAGIC (FD) Silver tipped deep fuchsia with glowing magenta center. Nothing else like it's color.  $5.00

EMBRACE (BB) (S.C.) Beautiful blend of orange and yellow. Superb form, big winner. SOLD OUT

FERNCLIFF COPPER (BB) (FD) Outstanding bright red. Good form. Best in class. $4.50

FERNCLIFF LEMON AURA (BB) (C) Deep yellow cactus that wins big and a very good cut flower. $5.00

FERNCLIFF TROPICS (BB) (SC) - Bright orange with a yellow in the center. $4.50

FRIZZY LIZZY (BB) (ID) Tall growing purple that makes loads of flowers. Good for show and cut flower. $4.00

GEORGE C (BB) (FD) Nicely formed deep rose, almost purple. Great form, big plants and lots of flowers, love it. $4.00

HAWAII X (BB) (FD) Striking combo of white with deep pink. Super cut flower that florists love. $4.50

HISSY FITZ (BB) Beautifully formed lacinated deep yellow. An exceptional showflower and cutflower. $3.50

HOLLY STARBURST (BB) Bright purple cactus with white towards the edge.  SOLD OUT

HOLLYHILL CANDY STRIPE (BB) (LC) A variegated blend of pink and red. #1 in its class. $6.00

HOLLYHILL TONI (ID) Variegated white and dark red . Loads of flowers#1 in its class  SOLD OUT

HOT SHOT (BB)(SC) Bright orange that's #1 in its class and also a very good cutflower.  SOLD OUT

HY PIMENTO (BB) (SC) Pretty variegated blend of yellow and red. Good cutter. $6.00  SOLD OUT

HY ROBE (BB) (FD) Perfectly formed dark red blooms that reflex to the stem. A winner and good cutflower. SOLD OUT

HY SOCKEYE (BB)(FD) Well formed bright red blooms. Strong grower that wins big. $5.00

IMPERIAL WINE (BB)(ID) Rich red wine color with a hint of purple. Great garden flower, long stems for cutting. $4.00

JEANNIE LEROUX (BB)(SC) Laciniated blend of white and lavender, a superb cutflower. $4.00

JOMANDA (BB) (FD) #1 in it's class. Huge winner and a very good cut flower $5.50  SOLD OUT

JOWEY INGRID (BB)(FD) Pretty light orange with lots of blooms and great form. Can win and cuts great. $ 4.00  SOLD OUT

JOWEY LINDA (BB) (FD) Super orange cutflower. $4.50

J.S. DOROTHY ROSE (BB) FD - Beautiful blend of purple and deep pink. Great form and a good cutter. $5.00

KORB SUMMER GALA (BB) (ID) Dark blend purple and white, excellent cutflower. $3.00

LONG ISLAND LIL (BB) (FD) Old time orange that I still love. $5.00

LAKEVIEW GLOW (BB)  (IC) huge winner in its class and a great cutflower - $5.00

LUPEN BEN (BB) (FD) Spectacular splash of red and yellow. Great form. Lots of blooms and wins. $4.00

LUPIN CHRIS (BB) (FD) A nicely formed deep purple that wins at the shows. $4.00

LYNN SLIGHT (BB) (ID) One of my better purple cut flowers. Can win at the shows also. $6.00

MALTBY PEARL FD  Pretty light pink .good cutter $3.50  SOLD OUT

MICHELLE VLOET (BB) (FD) Pretty light blend of lavender and white. $5.00

MARY (FD) (BB) Light bled of white and lavender. Big winner all around. $4.50

MAS ROBERT (BB) (C) Laciniated white cactus. Love it. $4.00  SOLD OUT

MINGUS ERIC (BB) Lacinated deep red with great color, super cutflower. $3.50  SOLD OUT

MINGUS KYLE D (FD) (BB) Good form, Relaxes to the stem. Wins. $5.00  SOLD OUT

MINGUS SELENA (BB)(SC) Beautiful blend of pink and yellow in a cactus form. Great cutflower $4.00

MINGUS TONI (BB)(ID) Variegated pink and red. Strong robust grower that wins and cuts great. $6.00

MISS TEAGEN (BB) (SC) Light blend of pink and white, has won numerous awards and a vey good cutflower. $4.50

MISTHILL CONTESSA (BB) (FD) Beautifully formed orange that wins and cuts on a compact bush. $3.50

MR. JIMMY (BB) (FD) One of the bust purple cutflowers we grow, robust plants, great stems, love it. $5.00

NANCY'S FAVORITE (BB)(ID) Excellent orange cutflower that also wins at the shows.   SOLD OUT

N.T.A.C MIA LIA  (BB)  (FD) #1 in its class . A very pretty deep pink with great form.Excellent cut flower.- $5.00

NICHOLAS (BB) (ID) Great cutflower orange and a winner at the shows. -$6.00

PAINTED LADY (BB)(FD) Pretty blend of white and lavender pink, great color. $4.50

PARKLAND RAVE  (BB)  (C)    A huge winner in its class #1.One of my favorite Parklands Great form in light lavender. $6.00

PARKLAND TRIBUTE (BB) (FD) Beautiful shade of deep salmon pink. Great cut flower, love it. $5.50

PEARSON'S BEN (BB)(SC) Tall growing bright red. A leader in its class and a very good cut flower. $4.00

RYECROFT BRENDA - T  (BB)   (FD) Nicely formed   pure white that can win and is also a good cutflower.  SOLD OUT

SANTA CLAUS (BB) (ID) A beautiful mixture of red and white. A big winner. For show and cutflower. $4.50

SCARBOROUGH BRILLIANT (BB)(IC) Deep blend of rose red that lightens in the center.  SOLD OUT

SEA ELECTRA (BB) (ID) Beautiful shade of medium purple with great form, can win and a very good cutflower.  $5.00

SNOHO MATTHEW (BB) (FD) Nicely formed dark red. Good cut flower.   SOLD OUT

SONIC BLOOM (BB) (ID) Beautiful shade of coral pink, lots of flowers, great stems and florist love it. $3.50

STILLWATER DAVID A. (BB)(SC) Bright red semi cactus that makes a lot of flowers.   SOLD OUT

STILLWATER MERRILY  (BB) (FD)  Pretty variegated blend of orange and red. Good cutflower $3.50

SUMMIT FESTIVAL (BB) Pretty blend rink with a touch of orange overtone and white, love it. $4.50

TAHOMA SHERYL (BB) (FD) Formal purple that makes loads of 4 flowers, love it. $3.50

TAHOMA TAFFY (BB) (FD) Excellent cutflower, orange. $4.50

TEMPEST (BB) (FD) Different shade of deep rosy coral with good form. Makes lots of flowers on a compact bush. $4.50

TOO SEXY (BB) (FD) Nicely formed formal rose red. Great cutflower. $4.50

TROPIC SUN  (BB) (SC)   Pretty blend of yellow and orange, a super cutflower - $4.00 

URCHIN (BB) (LC) Lacinated deep red almost purple, huge winner, makes loads of flowers, love it. $6.00

VALLEY SUNBEAM (BB)(C)  Pretty light yellow tipped in light orange, great cut flower. SOLD OUT

VERKIST ARISTOCRAT (BB) (C)   A real old timer that still is one of my better cut flowers - $3.50

VERKIST SUNSET (BB) (C)  Nicely formed flame color cactus, makes a huge plant and a lot of flowers, I love it.  $4.00

VERRONE'S PATSY (BB)(ID) Pretty deep pink with a small yellow center. $4.50

VERRONE'S WILL (BB)(FD) A formal decorative red that's a great cutflower. $3.50

VICTORIANNE (BB)(SC) Pretty blend of white and lavender, excellent cutflower. $3.50

WINHOLME DIANE - (BB) (FD) Very pretty light yellow with a blush pink. Great cutflower and also wins. $5.00

VISTA LINDSEY (BB) Bright yellow fuzzy blooms with lacinated edges. Wonderful cutflower and #1 in its class. Love it!  SOLD OUT

WILLIE OF ORANGE (BB)(C) Free flowering orange cactus that also wins at the shows.  $5.00

WOODLANDS SERAFINA (BB) (C) Lacinated pure white that makes a lot of flowers, excellent cut flower and tuber maker $4.00 - SOLD OUT

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