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Bantling (Ball)  Beautiful bright orange ball. Great cutflower $7.50


Barbarry Maverick- Pretty shade of purple with red . Great cutter Love it $8.00


Bonanza (Ball) Spectacular orange ball that can win.Also a good cutflower $7.50

Burlesca (Pom) A rare coral colored Pom Pom. Super form and a great cutflower that can win $8.00

Boy Scout (Ball) Pretty pink ball with a hint of light purple. Awesome $8.00

Catlins Joy (Ball) Nicely formed pink ball that can win and cuts great $7.50 

Cornell Bronze (Ball)   Bronze sport of Cornell with same great form $7.00

Café-Au-Lait Rose (A)  Rose pink version of Café-Au lait  New $12.00

Café- Au-Lait Royal (A) New dark pink version of Café-Au-Lait $12.00

Crème De Cassis (BB) 4” flowers of lilac,with cassis colored back and center. Very Unique. Love it $7.00

Downham Royal (Ball) #1 Purple ball. Still a huge winner and great cutflower $8.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Jowey Frambo (Ball)  A new pink ball with great form. The 4’ flowers are perfect $10.00  

Jowey Joshua (Ball) A new ball with 4”flowers of red with cream centers. Very cool $10.00

Jowey Nicky (Ball) Another great Jowey in a  4“orange ball. Great for cutting $9.00

Jowey Nina (Ball) Pretty dark pink 5” ball. Florists love it

Hapet Blue Eyes (BB) (FD) A real eye catcher in white and bluish purple. Outstanding for show and cutflower $8.00

Linda’s Baby (Ball)  Pretty light ball. Good form an a very good cutflower $8.00                                

Jersey Beauty (B) (FD) Real old-timer in lavender pink. Still in big demand $10.00    

Labyrinth (Novelty) A weird novelty with wide petals in pink with red dots, that swirl all different ways. Very Unique $12.00    

Maaike (Pompom)   A 2”soft pink pom that the florists love. Can also win at shows. $8.00

Martina (Ball) Huge winner in the ball class. Pretty 4” flowers in creamy white with purple pink tips $8.00

Nathalie G (Ball)  4” ball in soft salmon pink with a yellow center. Superb form and a good show and cutflower $8.00

Red Fox (Ball) 3’ ball in bright red. Big winner overseas. Great for cutting $8.00

Small World (Pompom) 2’ white pom that makes a lot of flowers. Florists love it. Also can win $8.00

Rancho (WL) 6” waterlily in a beautiful shade of apricot $9.00

Sunny Boy (Ball) 3” yellow ball with an attractive cherry red center. Gotta love it $8.00

Susan Gilliot (B) (SC0 6” flowers in a beautiful shade of orange. Love it $7.50

Sylvia (Ball) 4” orange ball that makes a lot of flowers. Great cutter $7.50

White Aster (Pompom) 2” white pom . Excellent cutflower $7.50

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