Overstock Dahlia's

You must buy at least 5 or more of the same dahlia.  Mixing and matching of varieties to reach 5 or more is not allowed.

AC Devin BB FD purple and white - 2.50

Arenas Sunset M . Attractive laciniated orange and yellow.-2.50 

Barbara Jean iMickelson _BB FD mixture of purple and white - 2.00

Bar Early Morn  B  (FD)  Blend of pink and yellow - 2.50 

Ben Huston  AA  (ID)  Big orange favorite that wins a lot - 2.50 

Black Satin. BB (FD)  Almost black in color .Good cutter. -2.50  


Brookside Cheri BB  (C)  Our # 1 salmon .Florists love it. -2.25 


Born Rojo  stellar red - 2.50    

Café -Au Lait  ( B)  Peach version - 4.00 


Café -Au -Lait  pink -5.00  

Colorado Classic BB  (ID)  Big winner and a good cutter.-2.50 

Dazzling Magic  B (FD)- orange with red tip-2.00, Rocco  One of the best purple poms -3.00  

Glow  (M) Pretty deeper lavender. That still wins. Great old timer-3.00 

Hillcrest Suffusion Very pretty ball in a shade of light peach and yellow- 3.00.

Hollyhill Gloria - An attractive stellar in deep pink and yellow. Great cutter-3.00 

Irish Glow  Big winning rustic red pom -5.00

Just Peachy  BB (SC) light blend of pink and yellow.-2.75  

Korbs Riverbend Jean Our #1 cutflower stellar white-2.50 

Lupin Ben BB  (FD)  Variegated yellow and red. Great cutflower-2.50

Miss Teagan BB  (SC) Pretty blend of pink and white 2.50   

Pop Willo - One of the most overlooked poms in a pretty of light bronze. Love it-3.50.

Sheabird  C   MB  A variegated blend of yellow and red. Love it-2.50.


Sonic Bloom  BB (ID)  Unusual shade of deep coral, mauve and purple.-2.75 


​Touche  BB  (SC) Salmon pink that makes a lot of flowers- 1.50 

Verkist Sunset BB  (C) Darker orange with a hint of yellow. Great Old timer.-3.00.

Verrones Carol M  M  (C ) Great peach mini Tons of flowers -1.75.

Wynns Desert Glow  A  (C ) #1 orange in its class - 3.75.


Wynns Mauve Mist  B  (SC)   Pretty shade of mauve and light lavender -1.50.   

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