Giant Dahlias-AA


Giant Dahlias - over 10" in diameter. Size AA

 FD- Formal decorative (flat petals, often recurve to stem); ID - Informal decorative (wavy petals) I C - Cactus (petals rolled like quills); SC - Semi-cactus (petals broad at base, rolled or twisted toward tips); WL - Water lily (broad, flat petals); IC - Incurved cactus (tips curve toward center).

AKITA (AA) (SC) Very showy combination of rusty red and orange. Petals curl straight up. Very unusual. $6.00

ALMAND SUPREME (AA) (S.C.) Beautiful light yellow with excellent form, good cutter, can win. $3.00

BODACIOUS (AA) (ID) � Huge 11� blooms of bright orange red with yellow on the under side of the petals. Big winner and Derril Hart Award winner. $5.00

BONAVENTURE (AA) (FD) - A strong growing bronze that has won numerous awards. $5.00

BELLA S (AA) (ID) A massive growing medium lavender that makes allot of flowers. A big winner. $5.00

BEN HUSTON (AA) (ID) Huge plant with orange blooms. Wins big. $ 3.00

CHEERLEADER (AA)(ID) Huge growing lavender that produces massive blooms. One of my favorite old timers. $6.00

Clyde's Choice (AA) (FD) - The most beautiful big orange. Best in its class. A sure winner.  $5.00

CREVECOEUR (AA)(SC) One of the largest reds. Huge winner at the shows and a very good cutflower. $6.50

CROYDON MASTERPIECE (AA) (ID) � Still one of the big bronze dahlias. Great for show and cut. $6.00

DANUM RHODA (AA)(FD) Excellent old timer formal pink that makes a lot of flowers and tubert. $3.00

DONALD VAN DE MARK (AA)(FD) Great old time formal dark red. Still a very good producer. $3.50

GRAND FINALE (AA) (SC) Huge blooms in wine purple with a blending of white tips. Heavy bloomer, love it. $3.50

HANA HITOSUJI (AA)(C) Attractive blend of peach and yellow, in a class by itself. $4.00

INLAND DYNASTY (AA) (SC) - Derrill Hart Award winner. A super show flower. Yellow. Won numerous awards. A must. $6.00

KELVIN FLOODLIGHT (FD) - Hugh 12" yellow flowers. Can win at the shows. $5.00

MANIAC (AA)(SC) Sport of Gregory Stephen. Light orange splashed with red, very striking. $ 4.00

MIKADO (AA) (SC) Perfect orange blooms on a robust plant. Still wins at the shows. $4.00

MR. LARRY (AA)(SC) Great old time orange that still produces. $4.50

PAPAGENO (AA) (ID)  A low growing plant with a huge pink blend blooms. Still wins at the shows. $4.00

PENHILL DARK MONARCH (AA) (ID) Massive purple and yellow blooms with good depth. Big winner at the shows and great cutflower. $4.00

PENHILL WATERMELON (AA) (I.D.) Fantastic blend of light yellow and pink. Tall plants with great stems. $4.00

PENNS GIFT (ID) - Gigantic 13" lavender flowers. Impressive in garden. One of the largest dahlias. $4.50

SIR ALF RAMSEY (AA) (ID) Spectacular giant dahlia in a beautiful blend of light lavender and white, top show dahlia. Huge plants and flowers, one of my favorites. $ 8.00

SURPRISE (SC) Beautiful 10� peach pink that wins and cuts great. $4.00

SURVIVOR (FD) (AA) Outstanding form in a deep lavender giant. Still wins. $6.00

TOM SAUK (AA) (SC) Dark red blooms on robust plants. Excellent old timer. $4.00

UMPQUA DELIGHT (AA)(SC) Golden yellow blooms another great Umpqua, love it. $5.00

WALTER HARDISTY (ID) - Pure white 12" blooms. One of the best. $6.00

WANDA'S CAPELLA (AA) (ID) - A vigorous growing bright yellow. Easy to grow for show or garden. $5.00

WANDA�S MOONLIGHT (ID) Easy growing light yellow. Excellent cutflower. $4.00

WILDMAN (SC) - Many huge red blooms. Top show winner and great garden flower. $5.00

WINKIE COLONEL (AA)(ID) One of my favorite big reds, a winner at the shows and a very good cutflower. $6.00

WYN'S CINNABAR (AA) (SC) Striking combination of red and orange. Wins and cuts great. $5.00

WYN'S DELTA FRANK (AA)(SC) Huge growing cactus orange that produces lots of flowers, good for show and cut. $4.50

ZORRO (ID) - Many 12" blood red blooms. Superb! 1991 Dahlia Of The Year. $6.00


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